Director’s Message


Kailash Menaria

Over the time of more than 28 years, is now recognized as a reputed printing and advertising company. Our aims to set up new benchmark and at the same time we take advantage of the opportunity to innovate and bring a unique perspective in all our work. We have consciously created a culture that value customer satisfaction. We believe in team work , team efforts and employee satisfaction with infrastructure facility to our employes.

We believe in walking with our clients at every step during the journey of development and success of their business. We lays more emphasis on the quality of the product and customer satisfaction with trained and efficient technicians. We follow the norms of business ethics in our business with all the aspects of business conduct. We have our set of principles, values and norms that govern the behavior of an individual towards the work, quality of the product in the business.

Kailash Menaria
Director, Anugrah Printers